Be A Good Doctor is a student-led nonprofit incubator, growing the next generation of Social Entrepreneurs. We offer transformative experiences for both undergraduates and postgraduates by empowering them to start, lead, and grow organizations. These organizations include Kaeme, a nonprofit reforming the orphan care system in Ghana, as well as SCOPE, one of the largest pre-medical organizations on the West Coast partnering student interpreters and interns with a Level 1 Trauma Center. We match students, resources, and donors to good ideas to create meaningful social change, facilitating mentorship of bright, compassionate students from top US colleges to lead these efforts.


We will continue to seed, incubate, and grow a select few mature organizations led and created by students and mentored by national leaders. In general, we value quality over quantity, and look specifically for models that could eventually be self-sustaining and have a distinct outcome, as opposed to creating many open-ended student ‘clubs’. We tend to prefer non-profit models where the funding is clear and within reach and projects that give students the opportunity to have a tremendous, lasting impact. We particularly look for projects whose scope and complexity is in a critical niche that is waiting for some of the most talented young people in America to step up, and is accessible to student volunteers with high capacity but with minimal training and experience. This is where our mentorship is best leveraged.


Below is a timeline of key events in the history of BeAGoodDoctor that makes us who we are today.

Our Story


SCOPE founded

In 2000, Emergency Physician and UCSF Clinical professor Dr. Michael McCullough began allowing bright students to assist him in the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center emergency department (ED). Students gained a front-row view of medicine at a local county hospital, while the hospital and patients benefited from their volunteer service. As the number of students..Read More


SCOPE Medical Interpreters Program founded

While volunteering with SCOPE, members Chitua Alozia and Jose Resendiz noticed the need for medical interpreting services in the emergency department. A large number of the patients at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center speak a language other than English, and interpreters play a critical role in bridging the communication and cultural barriers. The Interpreter Program..Read More


Nepal Clinical Internship (NCI)

Dr. Elizabeth Kwo, at the time an undergraduate student, and Dr. Michael McCullough founded NCI as a Stanford-based student organization that offers undergraduate, graduate and medical students the opportunity to undertake clinical internships in Nepal. NCI has sent over 140 US students to work in Kanti Children’s Hospital in Nepal, allowing them to develop clinical..Read More


HEAL (Health Advocacy and Advocacy Liaisons) program founded on Roatán, Honduras (formerly known as Roatán Clinical and Public Health Internship)

In 2004, Dr. Jennifer Miller, at the time graduating undergraduate at Stanford University, obtained a Fulbright scholarship to found the Roatán Clinical and Public Health Internship through BeAGoodDoctor.  Now housed under Global Healing’s Health Education and Advocacy Liaisons (HEAL) student internship, the program provides advanced undergraduate students with a unique opportunity to experience pediatric medicine..Read More

BeAGoodDoctor founded as a non-profit incubator

After the institutionalization of SCOPE, Dr. Jennifer Miller (who was then an undergraduate at Stanford) and Dr. Michael McCullough sought to create a platform for other student-initiative projects to be born. BeAGoodDoctor (BAGD) was created as a non-profit incubator, with the mission of seeding, growing, and launching new social ventures. SCOPE was the first formal..Read More


SCOPE Research Team founded

Dr. Jennifer Miller, at the time a second year medical student, worked with Dr. Erin Palm, then a medical student and now a General Surgery Resident at Stanford Hospital, to found the SCOPE Research Team in 2005. The team has explored critical questions in biosocial medicine including why patients leave the Santa Clara Valley ED..Read More


Kaeme founded out of the BeAGoodDoctor non-profit incubator

Dr. Jennifer Miller (then a medical student), Dr. Michael McCullough and Dr. John Stevens co-founded KaeMe in 2007, a nonprofit that organizes volunteer teams that partner with the Department of Social Welfare (DSW) to support Ghanaian orphans through a number of mechanisms. Kaeme, which means “remember me” in the Ghanaian language of Twi, is comprised..Read More


Courage Project founded out of the BeAGoodDoctor non-profit incubator

The Courage Project was founded to expose students to the many ways that courage manifests around the world. Co-founded by Dr. Jennifer Miller (then a medical student) and by Dr. Michael McCullough, the courage project is led by a team of committed student researchers creating an online publication about the concept of courage and how..Read More

Premedical Careers and Pathways Research (PCPR) founded out of the BeAGoodDoctor non-profit incubator

PCPR empowers pre-medical students and students from diverse backgrounds to obtain current information about the premedical process and medical career, by creating a central online resource database  and community. Minority students and women are disproportionately discouraged from pursuing medicine, primarily because of difficulty with pre-medical courses – courses that studies suggest have no bearing on..Read More


The Dharamsala, India Clinical Internship founded out of the BeAGoodDoctor non-profit incubator

The Dharamsala Clinical Internship founded by Harjus Birk and Dr. Michael McCullough offers students a unique perspective into cross-cultural healthcare delivery: the clinic in Dharamsala serves Tibetan refugees, yet is itself located in the country of India. Student interns worked in the Tibetan Delek Hospital in Dharamsala, India. BACK TO TIMELINE


Happiness Science founded out of the BeAGoodDoctor non-profit incubator

Happiness Science was founded as a way to engage students in collaborative research around understanding and promoting happiness in their own lives. This initiative was founded by Maia Mosse, at the time an undergraduate at Stanford and who currently serves as executive director of SCOPE. Drawing upon emerging research in fields like Positive Psychology and..Read More


SCOPE honored as recipient of 2015 Community Partnership Award

In honor of almost 15 years of partnership serving the Santa Clara Valley community, SCOPE was awarded a Community Partnership Award. Winners of the award are selected based on their initiative, leadership and involvement in projects that embody genuine partnership and benefit the community. Read more about the award and other recipients here. BACK TO..Read More